The Stonebrook Project

The Stonebrook Project, Inc
Oklahoma 501c3 Nonprofit
EIN: 82-3378063

The Stonebrook Project

Posted by The Stonebrook Project on Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Making a difference until there is a cure


We believe that The Stonebrook Project is making a difference in the lives of those men and women currently in treatment for cancer. By improving access to complimentary Oncology Massage Therapy, we will reduce the stress, anxiety, pain and nausea associated with a cancer diagnosis. Additionally, we provide follow-up care for post treatment side effects such as neuropathy and range of motion. We are helping patients navigate through their cancer treatment, move into the healing phase and increasing survivorship.


Increase survivorship with each individual patient by improving access to complemintary Oncology Massage Therapy services as well as providing informational, emotional and practical support through our Community Cancer Group.