The Stonebrook Project

We are so excited to share The Stonebrook Project with you! Watch this video to hear Edie's heart behind The Stonebrook Project. Through The Stonebrook Project, we can make a difference until there is a cure.

Posted by Stonebrook Day Spa on Monday, November 13, 2017



Making a difference until there is a cure



Beyond being a spa, Stonebrook Day Spa was designed to provide a sanctuary of relaxation,

pain management, physical and emotion healing for cancer patients.



Save lives by meeting the needs of cancer patients as they fight for their life.


Edie Tolbert, Founder and CEO, is a 10 year breast cancer survivor. She knows first hand the effects of cancer and how it changed not only her life but her family. When she opened Stonebrook Day Spa, she knew that she would serve a bigger purpose; helping others through their fight.

The Stonebrook Project launched in November 2017 and is a 501(c)3 non-profit. Funds raised through the nonprofit, will primarily provide oncology massage therapy, oncology skincare, reflexology and detox services to cancer patients; secondarily provide massage therapy to the primary caregiver.