Testimonies from Cancer Patients

The Stonebrook Project – Testimonies by Joe Pike Sandy Griffith McCord Deb Olejownik This video was shared, last Friday, at our Annual Fundraiser. It's shows the impact we are making for those fighting cancer.Stonebrook Day Spa Edie Tolbert Michelle Toney Crawford Shari Bickel Blankenship Teresa McAfee O'Donnell Nancy Phelps

Posted by The Stonebrook Project on Tuesday, May 7, 2019

George was diagnosed with liver cancer at 4 months old. Clearly, we were not able to provide him with any type of spa service. However, his parents received massage therapy as his caregivers. They were both instrumental in his fight against cancer. The massage therapy reduced their stress, both physically and emotionally. George is 4 years old and cancer FREE!

Lorri found us through a “newly diagnosed” cancer bag she received from Susan G. Komen – Tulsa. She was diagnosed with stage 4 inoperable breast cancer and will be receiving chemo the rest of her life. She had a coupon for one free massage. She continues to be a client and receives massage therapy as often as needed.

Debbie “I met this sweet lady when I got her business card in a bag of things from my breast doctor. The card said cancer patients would get 1 free treatment a month and I thought yeah right. But then I met Edie and found out what a giving and loving person she is and her passion to help people battling cancer. Edie and her crew have made me feel beautiful when I felt ugly, they made me laugh when I wanted to cry. And the day I rung the bell I went to Stonebrook Day Spa to celebrate. And of course Edie spoiled me even more and brought me a bouquet of flowers. Thank you Edie for everything you do. I’m so blessed to call you my friend.”

Lisa “This is a wonderful service that I’ve been blessed to be a part of. I have been getting massages for a few months and my physical and mental well-being is much improved! The aftermath of treatment can be really hard to recover from. I thank Edie so much for providing this service and The Stonebrook Project. Thank you for your prayers and thank you to your wonderful staff!”

Joe said after his first service of reflexology for neuropathy in his hands and forearms, “I feel so much better! I only wish I had known about this 9 treatments ago.” Joe is pictured with Edie celebrating 10 rounds of chemo, done!! Only 2 more to go and then he will be ringing the bell!

Marcie Wilson, Edie Tolbert, Barbara Clark

Barbara was a guest speaker at our Vision Meeting in November 2017. Her husband, Jerry, was a lung cancer patient. He loved coming to the spa to receive reflexology for his neuropathy and a ionic foot detox bath to remove the bad toxins from chemotherapy. He would tell her, “I am going to see my girls at the spa!” Jerry was an awesome guy! We still miss him and his handsome smile.