Project Goals

We have 5 main goals at The Stonebrook Project:

Cancer Patients

  • To establish a “care plan” and provide spa services to cancer patients.  This “care plan” will address individual needs in regards to relaxation, pain management and physical/emotional healing from the consequences of cancer.  It will be used to determine which services are beneficial and how often the service is needed.


  • To extend spa services to the caregivers of cancer patients. Caregivers can experience their own stress and anxiety while taking care of their loved ones. Extending these services to the caregivers will enable them to provide the best possible care to those battling cancer.

Yoga Studio

  • To build and open a Yoga studio that will offer Yoga classes to cancer patients.  Yoga is used to relieve stress, fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety and sleep troubles.  It is also used for painful conditions including nerve pain (neuropathy), headaches, migraines and low-back pain to name a few.

Adopt a Firefighter

  • To establish an “Adopt a Firefighter” program and provide cupping massage therapy services to current and retired firefighters.  The cupping, or vacuum therapy, draws inflammation out from deep within the tissue and promotes lung health among those who have dedicated their lives to fighting fires and saving lives.

Counseling Services & Support Groups

  • To provide, promote or sponsor programs, training, counseling and/or support groups that would benefit cancer patients, caregivers and fire fighters.