Current Programs

Review of scientific literature indicates that oncology massage therapy and oncology skincare help improve quality of life. Benefits include improved relaxation, sleep and immune function as well as relieving anxiety, pain, fatigue and nausea for those in treatment for cancer.

  1. Oncology massage therapists are trained to meet people where they are in their treatment with cancer and apply highly individualized massage treatment to comfort, nurture and support them in their process. The treatments are modified according to the full spectrum of cancer-related issues; the physical, psycho-social and emotional consequences of cancer. In addition, the person’s individual goals, aspects of the disease and cancer treatment side effects are considered.
  2. Reflexology and detox services are also offered to those clients who have completed their treatment. The side effects from chemotherapy can linger for up to six months. After receiving a doctor’s recommendation, we begin providing reflexology and foot detox services. Reflexology is a pressure point foot massage which provides relaxation and helps reduce pain from neuropathy. An ion foot detox removes toxins through the pores of your feet and provides increased energy, sleep and an overall well-being.
  3. Community Cancer Group is a group of newly diagnosed patients, patients that are currently in treatment and those who are survivors of cancer. We meet once a month for dinner and discussion. This group was created after the Founder would meet and talk with cancer patients. There are many fears and questions that go unanswered when you are diagnosed with cancer. This group is for “like-minded” people to come together and talk freely about their cancer journey.