Vision Meeting – November 2017

(L to R)

Holliann May, Michelle Crawford, Edie Tolbert, Gail Bieber, Catie Pritchard, Nancy Phelps

Catoosa Chamber of Commerce Banquet – February 2018

Michelle Crawford, Gail Bieber, Edie Tolbert, Debbie Mewbourne, Nancy Phelps

Kendra Scott Partnership – February 2018

Edie Tolbert and Blake Hinson

Official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony by the Catoosa Chamber of Commerce – The Stonebrook Project Nonprofit Office, February 2018

1801 N Highway 66, Catoosa, OK. (Bank of America Building)


July 2018 ~ Interview with Tulsa’s Channel 8

Edie and Lauren

Nancy, Kelly, Joe, Mikki, Edie and Lauren

Mikki ringing the bell the first round

Joe being interviewed by Lauren